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. >>> the news edge on virginia, the common health will be home to northrop grumman. they announced they are moving from southern california to northern virginia. john henrehan live with why the company chose virginia. i imagine the pentagon helped out. >> only about a mile and a half from where we are standing. we are not talking about a lot of jobs but very high paying jobs because this is the corporate headquarters of a fortune 100 company. d.c. wanted it, maryland wanted it but northrop grumman is coming to virginia. northrop grumman wants to be closegovernment. it has tens of thousands of workers at the shipyard in newport news and involved in aviation, technical services and information systems. virginia officials put incentive offers on the table. the ceo of the $34 billion a year company explained why virginia won out. >> the proximity and the available real estate played a big role in it but the economies played a big role. that was the incentives put forth by the state and counties as well as the economics of the available real estate. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mc
in west virginia. >>> we're going go back to montcoal this evening at 10. you can follow the latest developments on our website, for updates on the recovery efforts and an in-depth look at the safety history from massy energy company, running the mine where the explosion happens, it's on our home page at www.myfoxdc.com. >>> and following breaking news on a bombshell e-mail from a toyota executive. the "associated press" reports that five days before the massive recall, an executive wrote, quote, we need to come clean. the ap said the e-mail came from herve miller, a company vice president and went on to say, quote, the time to hide on this one is over, and quotes, we're not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. the report claims that miller wrote the e-mail as toyota officials were on their way to washington to discuss accelerator problems with the federal regulators. >>> friends and family are burying two -- funeral services were held today for boyd. the 18-year-old and three others were shot and killed last week on south capitol street in southeast. the mourners gathere
. at a briefing, the governor of west virginia and senator jay rockefeller said they were talking to victims families and urging them to pray to stick together until more information could be learned. >> negotiation knows so everyone is going to cling on to that hope of a miracle. if there is one miracle, two, three, or four miracles, one is of their husband, dad or brother or their son. >> reporter: it's a tragedy that is hard to -- in any form to watch people breathing and to pray and hold out your hand and touch and to reach for somebody's hand when they start to pray and that is part of it. >> the governor knows what he's talking about. in 2006, during the sago mine disaster that killed 49, randall mccloy was pulled from that mine after being in the methane gas environment for 40 hours and the hope, they can start drilling tonight and they can penetrate by 2 or 3 tomorrow. once it's vented out of the mine shaft, they hope to get the teams back in there and gate get answers on who survived and didn't make it out. >> live in west virginia, tom fitzgerald and back to you. >>> predent obama
and west virginia's governor is disappointed the search could not move forward and does not want to risk anymore lives. >> it got to the point to where the danger zone is -- the igniter with the levels they had, we would have lost all 32 and they made that decision and as quick as possible. >> reporter: meanwhile, the people living in these mining mountains for generations flocked to the scene in support of what they call their coal mining family. >> i feel sorry for the ones here waiting to find out if that is their loved ones there or not. >> reporter: it's been a tough situation for everyone involved, tough for the rescuers and families, tough for the officials who are trying to get answers as to when this search can resume and the weather is not helping matters here. a steady line of showers have moved in over the cold river valley over the evening and that, we're told, acts as an air mattress and keeping that methane gas and making it harder to evacuate from the mine and we're expecting another briefing at 7:00 tonight and hoping that they will be able to resume their efforts. >> to
the road. mostly in maryland and virginia. transportation projects have been delayed by a decade or more, others totally scrapped. karen gray houston explains. >> reporter: the old plan was to widen this road by the year 2020. the new plan, that's out the window. >> what happened to the stimulus money. >> reporter: the stimulus money from 2009 was spent on maintenance projects already in the pipeline. >> federal and local revenues. >> reporter: at a meeting at the metropolitan washington council of government they say there's just no money for big budget projects. >> the planning situation for government is the same as it is for everybody. governments are running out of money. >> reporter: don't be confused. huge projects like the intercounty connector in maryland and the hot lanes in virginia will continue. transit projects like the purple line will go on. but there's a long list of proposed road construction that's just not going to happen. >> there's about 10 projects in each jurisdiction, give or take, 10 to 20 projects being delayed or withdrawn. >> reporter: the recent transit plan
to be donors is low. >> reporter: the percentage of people registered as organ donors in virginia is almost twice as great as it is across the river in d.c. but now there is a new campaign designed to change that and boost organ donation across the country. the washington regional transplant community launched 30 days of videos on you tube. >> medi-vac'd to the hospital and he died. >> reporter: there are stories of organ donors and recipients. bobby heheay's is one of those. she received a transplant in 2006. >> i felt so good. it's a special feeling with transplant. you appreciate things you didn't appreciate before that you took for granted. i am blessed. >> for kiley's situation, she died of sids. there is no cure, no reason. her organs went to medical research. i hope one day in eithe my lifetime or kiley's little sister there will be a cure and kiley will help save other bies. >> reporter: another way for kiley to live on. in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you want to see more of the videos, visit myfoxdc.com. >>> wicked weather bringing another dose of bad weather. in lake
to the waters of virginia, maryland and d.c. oil rigs 60 miles off the coast of virginia and maryland would not be visible from the shore. but drilling critics say that does not eliminate the risk. >> all it takes is one catastrophe accident like this one to permanently foul beaches and permanently harm other interests on the coast. that is the risk all along. >> reporter: the oil industry, which has made headway in recent weeks on the issue of drilling admits it will face increased opposition because of the disaster. >> this does provide ammunition for those folks who don't believe in developing our domestic oil and natural gas resources. that would be a monumental mistake. >> reporter: before the political battles over the future of drilling can start in washington, the real battle raging in the gulf of mexico plays on. this afternoon, democratic senator ben carter of maryland took to the floor of the senator saying he is against the president's plan to open up offshore drilling. he said the chesapeake bay could be permanently damaged. virginia's senator jim webb said he still supports of
to washington, maryland and virginia. >> reporter: on 88.7 fm, latino listeners are making the arizona lil legal immigrant crackdown a hot topic. >> they are concerned it could happen here. >> he says his callers are concerned about the law, which instructs police officers to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being illegal. >> it's a big step forward. we totally disagree with that an we feel befrayed, angry and scared. >> reporter: people who support more efforts against illegal immigration will point here to prince william county, virginia. three years ago, police were instructed to check the immigration status of the people they arrest. >> you are saving lives when you identify illegal immigrants and deporting them. >> the chairman of the county, coriry stewart says enforcing immigration laws here have had a big impact on the crime in his county. >> the overall crime rate is at a 19-year low. the reality is what we did in prince william county and what arizona is doing is saving lives. >> reporter: still, even though only 121 people of the nearly 2,000 who were arrested fo
with virginia tags. >>> a measure to toughen up on sex offenders is still in limbo. shawn yancy is following this one. >> a known sex offender is accused of killing sarah foxwell days before christmas. proposed bills would have harsher punishments. the victim's mother spoke today. >> basically, i don't understand why they won't step up and pass it and sign it and it's to protect our children. i mean, you know, our children should be our first priority. you know, and being a parent of a child who was brutally murdered by a registered sex offender, i'm appalled that that is even an issue. >> the house approved a mandatory 15 year sex sentence for more serious sex crimes. lawmakers have until midnight to work out the differences on the bill. brian? >>> one week, crews are back inside the wrecked coal mine in west virginia. 29 were killed in last monday's blast. nine bodied are still inside. -- bodies are still inside. a federal investigation into the explosion is also getting underway with investigators arriving in coalmont today. the state panel that writes the rules is asking to be an active
in west virginia. the blast happened minutes ago 30 miles south of charleston. according to a state mining official six people dead, 21 others unaccounted for at this hour. we'll give you new details as they come in. >>> montgomery police grieving the loss of one of their own, hector ayala. he was in his patrol car when he swerved off the road and hit a tree. today fellow officers paid tribute to their fallen colleague and friend. >>department lost one hell of an officer. i lost one hell of a friend. i told him that i wanted to build my career following in his footsteps. >> ayala's fellow officers are encouraging friends and co-workers to write a story about him so his children who never got to know him will at least have something to remind them of the man, father and officer he was and would have been. >>> new information in a homegrown terror plot. the american-born woman known as jihad jane set to make her first court appearance facing federal charges. >> stomp your foot and it's measured like they measure an earthquake. the world has seen a lot of quakes lately. i'm beth park
's been charged with interference with a fight crew. can get 20 years if found guilty. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is one of 30 governors across th country who has receid life- threatening letters or threatening letters from an antigovernment group. now the fbi and homeland security officials are investigating. and more from the compartment of homeland security. >>> governor mcdonnell's office received this letter in richmond on wednesday. a spokesperson said they were turned over to both the fbi and the virginia state police and are currently the subject of an internal memo at the department of homeland security. according to the fbi, the letters demanded the governors leave office within three days or risk being removed. investigators say there is no direct violent threat in the message, but homeland security experts say antigovernment groups are being closely monitored. >> i think they're trying to be very careful and not crossing a line where they clearly would be insighting violence and trigger criminal statutes. but the fact of the matter is this is clearing up. and it
across virginia and wisdom martin has more. >> reporter: in arlington, alecandrea and fairfax, investigators say this suspect is walking into a gym acting like he belongs there and one case here, he went into the gym and behind the counter, took keys off the board from an owner who put them there while he was work outing and went outside to the parking lot, stole the vehicle and wallet and credit cards inside and then went on a shaping spree at the owner expense. >> and he's well-dressed, usually. puts away whatever environment he's going into and obvious he spends time in a gym. he works out and is fit and we asked him -- and if they came out -- to call the police as soon as possible. >> reporter: as you saw, that was video of him while he was shopping after stealing the credit card and car from the facility here and is described as a white male, you saw him wearing the nike shirt with the wide sleeve and new york yankees baseball cap. had on a break track pants and running shoes and is making his way around the region, warning people to not take any of the valuables inside t
because we've had a beautiful day but showers are already starting to sneak into southwestern virginia. nothing to worry about tonight. nice and dry but i'll let you know when the showers will roll into town and things are looking. fox 5 news at 6:00 will be right back. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>> israel celebrating its independence day. 62ped anniversary of the founding of the jewish state according to the hebrew calendar. the president and prime minister hosted ceremonies for soldiers and veterans. >>> iran's nuclear ambitions certainly a threat to israel but a new report by the department of defense finds that iran could develop a missle capable of reaching the united st
public safety. >>> survivors of the virginia tech massacre and the families of two students kill ready propertying congress to close the gun show loophole. in a full page ad they asked jim webb and mark warner to support a bill that will require private sellers to run background checks on buyers at gun shows. gun rights activists oppose the measure. >>> a crash killed two teenagers over the weekend and now family, friends and schools are mourning their loss. >> from all signs this appears to be a tragic accident. two men on the way home after running errands on saturday never made it. >> loved school and football he adored his family. 17-year-old travis stewart was guard and captain on the spotsylvania high football team. a junior and all-american teen with a passion for life. >> a positive child all the way around. just accepted god in his life he was an awesome child. >> reporter: taken away much too soon along with his best friend, 16-year-old terrell carroll. she says she two had been out on saturday running errands, mostly for other people. she said they finished watching a footba
. the warmer air was down to the south today. raleigh at 78 degrees. beckley west virginia 71. we won't get cold tonight. we will continue to see the clouds hanging around. that will protect us. temperature-wise, a lot of warmer air. nashville 83. st. louis 83. little rock 83. waiting for a chance to move back in. we will get to the low 60s tomorrow. we had a cool front come by and an area of high pressure will block the heat out a little bit longer. we are on a nice track here. we will see the temperatures warming up nicely and thursday looks really terrific. forecast tonight area of high pressure. we have the cool conditions, clouds, showers as mentioned will be ending soon. but this bubble of high pressure will be right on top of us tomorrow. while we may start with a little bit of sunshine -- cloud cover, it will become sunny as this takes over pushing the rest of the showers out of here. it will below 60s for us but the sunshine will be back tomorrow and it will feel so much nicer to you. the sunshine does a good job of lifting most people's spirits. we chase the showers out of here. 9
to hear from them. > ge on virginia. a massage parlor bust. cops raided the grain therapy massage parlor in sterling. they arrested nine people including the business owner. he is charged with running a body place in addition to allowing massages to be performed without the proper permit. >>> another big story tonight, a plea from one of the suspects in a deadly drive-by shooting. four people died in the shooting on south capitol street late last month. paul wagner live outside d.c. superior court with more details. >> emotions have been running so high in this case, court officials were concerned something could happen inside the courtroom so there were two levels of screening that you had to go through. once inside the courtroom, u.s. marshals kept their hands on tasers in case anything happened. nathaniel simms admitted that he was involved in not only the murder of jordan howe but he was the man with the ak-47 in which nine people were shot. today we learned that nathaniel simms is going to testify for the government. it all began with the murder of jordan howe who was killed march 2
that to wash out the pollen. there are a few clouds in southern and central virginia. here is what we will watch. a frontal system approaching will be greatly diminished. snow in parts of the country specifically across montana and that front might be cold enough to produce snow in the highest elevations of new york state and new england friday and saturday. more rain for texas but otherwise quiet across the country. let's see what might be coming our way. a lot of sunshine. maybe a couple of high clouds thursday. friday afternoon a few showers pop up here and there, especially down to the south. watch as i run this out. 11:00 maybe rumbles of thunder in northwestern pennsylvania. that all heads out. check out the snow they may see in pennsylvania and new york state over the weekend. that is saturday. that does not look like fun. here is the five-day forecast, we are up and down with this. 74 tomorrow with the sunshine. a couple of showers around friday but still a real mild day at 78. maybe a rumble of thunder. saturday morning we take the possibility of a shower mainly south of town
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17